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Six essential tips to prepare your home for eye-catching professional photography

Six essential tips to prepare your home for eye-catching professional photography

When it comes to selling your home, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. In today’s digital age, professional photography plays a pivotal role in attracting potential buyers and making a lasting impression. To ensure your property stands out in a crowded market, it’s essential to prepare your home meticulously for those eye-catching photographs.

Follow these tips, from Wheeler’s expert photographer, Paul Sims, to create a visual masterpiece that highlights your home’s best features, captures the imagination of prospective buyers and maximises your products perceived value.

It’s now time to start thinking of your property as a product.

Clean and declutter for a blank canvas

If you only have time for one, skip the clean and focus on the declutter.

Less is always more when it comes to showing your home at its best. A clean and clutter-free environment not only enhances the visual appeal of your home but also allows buyers to envision themselves living there. Clear surfaces, tidy up personal items and create a neutral canvas that paves the way for a potential buyer’s creativity.

In living spaces, organise and tidy all shelving and visible storage. Hide personal items, paperwork and children’s toys and games.

Kitchens and bathrooms are amongst the main selling features of your home. Clear all countertops leaving only essential appliances or items that enhance the look, such as a smart coffee machine or basket of fruit. I know the fridge door is a haven of memories and reminders, but if it can be cleared just for the photos, your kitchen will look much better.

Everyday kitchen Photo-ready

Hide bins and cleaning materials in both kitchens and bathrooms, along with tooth brushes, shower gels and soaps.

In bedrooms, make all beds and plump cushions and pillows, hide any clothes and shoes and clear personal items from bedside tables.

Arrange furniture for optimal space utilisation

Furniture placement can make or break a room’s appearance in photographs. Arrange furniture in a way that maximises space and emphasises the room’s flow. Avoid overcrowding and make sure each piece serves a purpose. Well-placed furniture provides a sense of scale and dimension in the photographs.

Let There Be Light

Natural light is a photographer’s best friend. Open curtains and blinds to let sunlight flood in, giving your home a warm and inviting ambiance. We don’t often need to turn on lights in a well lit house but if you can check that all lamps have working bulbs in them just in case.

Focus on kerb appeal

First impressions matter, and that starts with your home’s exterior. Ninety percent of the time the main image of your home will be of the front exterior. Take a few minutes to stand back and see what you can do to enhance its appeal.

As with inside, remove any clutter, trim bushes, mow the lawn and add a few potted plants to create an inviting entrance. A well-maintained exterior sets the stage for a positive experience.

Highlight key features

Identify your home’s standout features and ensure they are ready to be photographed. Whether it’s a charming fireplace, a bay window with a view or elegant built-in shelving, make sure these elements are front and center.

Outdoor spaces matter

Don’t forget to capture the charm of your outdoor spaces. Whether you have a cozy courtyard, a charming patio or a picturesque garden, exterior photographs can be just as captivating as interior shots.

Swimming pools are a major selling point. In an ideal world all pools would be open and sparkling. If this isn’t possible do your best to ensure the area is free from clutter, any furniture is nicely arranged and nets, brushes and hose pipes are well hidden.


Preparing your home for real estate photography is an art that combines attention to detail with a touch of creativity. By following these steps, you’ll transform your property into something that captures the hearts and minds of potential buyers.

Remember, these photographs serve as the first introduction to your home, so investing time and effort into their preparation can significantly impact the success of your home-selling journey.

We have heard the words, “It looks like a stage set”. You are correct. If you want to sell your home and you want the best price for it, someone else needs to imagine themselves living there.

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