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A room with a view

A room with a view

We are constantly amazed at the locations we visit in premium surroundings with postcard views. We realise that we do exactly the same thing where, if you don’t remind yourself of the alternative, you forget to appreciate your surroundings. This week we’ve taken in new houses with panoramic 365 degree views, including one backing onto a river with the riverbank as part of the garden and views of rolling hills of a valley that feels like you’re living in your very own oil painting.

Space (exterior and interior) and views are the norm in our area and we are constantly amazed at properties with features that either wouldn’t be possible or would cost a fortune in other countries, like a house set in the middle of vineyards or that has its own stream!

Recently, we’ve been spending time photographing houses on the other side of the Lot-et-Garonne. Even though we live in the same region, areas can be completely different. In the villages right in the middle of the famous wine region of Buzet, where properties are surrounded by vines and the views and landscape so quintessentially French, we feel like we’re on holiday!

It’s something so important to many of our buyers – the view! I guess lots of buyers are moving here from urban areas where their view, potentially, is lots of other houses similar to theirs. With so many views that look like paintings, some buyers are very particular and have strong opinions on what they want to see from their French house.

I’m always amazed at the stunning views and prime locations that even ordinary houses have here, like rolling valleys, orchards, vineyards, lakes, chateaux and bastide towns. Landscapes change depending on the type of crop suited to the soil and this ranges from architectural kiwi fruit trees, vineyards, wheat fields, apple and plum orchards and lavender fields to my favourite sunflower fields.

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