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New projects

New projects

This week has been busy with visits with a client who lives in the UK who is looking to move to the south west.  The visit to one of our properties where the house is ready to move in to but has a barn to renovate has caught their eye and they are now researching how they could convert the barn into a gite.

This research phase is really important to try to get as much information as possible in terms of costs, timings, is permission needed to do the renovations and from where?  We have had a few visits with different builders plus Robert and I are able to give our views and ideas and this gives clients a clearer idea of what can be done within their budget and also where compromises can be made.

A knowledge of local planning rules, and building costs is invaluable and ensuring that everything is in place before any sales documents are signed is one of our most important roles in the process.  Ensuring the correct procedure has been followed and getting things in writing clears up ambiguities.

A common issue is regarding windows the rules regarding adding more, making them bigger, or if you are near a church for upgrading them all need to be signed off by the mairie. It’s a straightforward process and saves a lot of stress!

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Beauville +33 (0)5 53 47 92 30
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