♫ The autumn leaves, drift by the window ♫

I wonder if the writer of this song ever came to the Lot-et-Garonne?  There’s certainly material to work with here as summer changes to autumn in the blink of an eye!  Years ago when we first arrived I worked teaching English at a local company and every Monday, when I enquired « how was your weekend ? », one lady answered that she spent the weekend « pour ramasser les feuilles « …living the dream or what?

Robert is happy as Larry pottering in the garden and there are plenty of people working as gardeners round here to look after pools and gardens when the owners aren’t here, so we’re lucky in that sense, otherwise l nature would overtake us!

Gardens are so lush here that even we have had success growing our own vegetables!  One thing that I noticed when we first arrived was how the French eat, very much depends on the season and what is grown locally.  Every season there is an abundance of something that drives how we eat. There’s certainly places you can find a small stock of imported raspberries in December but it’s very rare and I’m amazed how our appetite has naturally adapted to this so that I don’t want to eat fruit or veg that’s not in season….much healthier for us and the planet.

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